WindBriar provides whole-scale services for the planning and construction of on-shore wind farms and PV-plants.

Since our launch in 2007, we have become leader in wind energy solutions; with successful projects covering the installation of a single wind turbine through to large scale wind farms from 200 kW to 90 MW.

Our turnkey wind energy solutions enables our customers, ranging from industry operators, to communities and private investors, independent power producers (IPPs) and utility companies to generate clean, reliable power, on or off grid.

We work with our partners and developers around the world to deliver industry-leading wind energy projects and a broad range of solutions for turnkey wind energy projects. This includes various agreements with world class equipment producers.

As an established company with a 10 year track record and demonstrable case studies and testimonials, you can have confidence in WindBriar to deliver the best solution for your requirements.


Expertise, discipline and precision

WindBriar acts on 3 fields of the renewable energy sector. Wind power, Solar Power and Hydro Electric Power, With a wide experience on all fields.

Below is a chart representing our experience with each of the above mentioned fields.

Wind Powered Solutions


Solar PV Solutions


Hydro Electric Solutions


Clean and efficient, renewable energy sources will power our world while restoring and sustaining our environment for future generations.

WindBriar provides business strategy, consulting, and commercial advisory services for renewable energy, climate change, and corporate sustainability.

Over 200 people work directly and indirectly with WindBriar, meaning that more than 200 people work daily as climate keepers. This is a great responsibility to take on, and WindBriar wants to be part of their reward. That’s why the company is so committed to being an inclusive workplace — a force for the personal and professional development of its staff through continuous investment in training.

Let the sun power our lives!

We have enough sunlight in the world to stop polluting. Help the earth by going solar.

Let the wind do it's job.

There is so much wind blowing through our land, but we don’t use it. Let’s make the right decisions.

Help us make it!

Bio-fuels are not our area, but we can make it work. Vote on our main page to help us achieve it.


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